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Hi I’m Tyler Perry. Go see my new movie, “Black Women Can’t Have Nice Things Unless Its A New Man or Jesus”

Coming soon to theaters!

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yung-phoenix: Don't be such a moany arse, didn't mean to annoy you so don't try and be disrespectful to me. I don't make any revenue at all so don't point out terms and conditions to me that are irrelevant. Everyone advertises their blog on others posts its not like its only me. But like I said, didn't mean to annoy you, I usually check if its someones original photo I just forgot. Next time don't act all high and mighty, you only had to let me know and I would of sorted it out. Sort your attitude out. 

shut the fuck up I just asked you to not promote your shitty blog on my posts I didn’t even act high and mighty. dumb cunt

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